Gloves, perhaps we are familiar with around us, whether they are made of cloth, rubber, cotton or leather.trend fashion for gloves is also starting to come back to the fore, it can be seen from many world’s top stars who use gloves at classy events.

                        Many types of gloves can be found, as well as various brands / brands that can be found. As with fashion , which is always evolving, now many new brands are emerging, but some of the brands below are brands that do provide and exist to provide leather gloves with consistent quality.

                        Here are 10 (ten) brands as suppliers of leather gloves that are consistent in maintaining quality according to

1.       H&M Leather Gloves

H&M brand is no stranger to the fashion, with that H&M also provides leather glovesthat can be obtained at affordable prices but the quality is still good, the price range for a pair of gloves is $15.

2.       Carhartt Insulated Leather Gloves

The characteristics of each product produced by Carhartt are durable products as well as the culottes they produce. This leather glove is made from 100% genuine cowhide and available in black and brown and is expected to last a long time. Users will be very comfortable and safe in their use, both in doing work outside the office or long trips. For the price of a pair of gloves you have to pay around $33.

3.       Sir Jack’s Deerskin Gloves

If you are looking for quality gloves that have the best combination of softness and long durability, Sir Jack Deerskin Gloves are the solution, where deerskin gloves are known for being soft and durable, a pair of gloves produced by this brand is priced at $69 per pair.

4.       Iron & Resin Buffalo Bobber Gloves

This simple and simple design is perfect for leather gloves which are made of 100% buffalo leather and have strong durability. This Leather Glove is also equipped with an adhesive that easily adjusts to the shape of the hand so that it can keep your hands warm even when you are active in cold weather. For a pair of buffalo leather gloves it costs around $72.

5.       Scoth & Soda Leather & Suede Gloves

The combination of cowhide and suede used by Scoth & Soda gives a luxurious and elegant impression to its users. Gloves that easily adjust to the shape of the user’s hand can also provide warmth for the user at low temperatures.pair of gloves produced by Scoth & Soda from Australia costs $75.

6.       Best Made Co. Elkskin Ropper

Best Made is indeed a well-known manufacturer of outdoor work equipment. Leather gloves made of 100% high-end deer skin which has the best softness and durability, can provide comfort and safety for the wearer. These high-end deerskin gloves are available for $98.

7.       Suit Supply Green Leather Gloves

Most of the glove users prefer to use brown or black leather gloves, but Suit Supply provides its own design for the gloves. Using a springy vegetable leather base and also adding wool on the inside, this glove is warmer and provides security with a strong button closure.

8.       Red Wing Nutmeg Buckskin Leather Gloves

This brand, which is known for its strong and durable shoes, also produces leather gloves that are not inferior in quality. Made of 100% deer skin and also added with Thinsulate which makes the wearer in addition to being safe, comfortable and fashionable.

9.       Dents Flannel and Leather Gloves

This flannel company that was founded in England is already quite famous for its flannel fashion products. Not imaginable, leather gloves combined with flannel give a fashion . Made from sheepskin, this glove with a flannel combination is perfect to wear on a cold New Year’s Eve.

10.   Autodromo Stringback Driving Gloves

from the 1950s and widely worn for driving are made of sheepskin. Another uniqueness is given a knitted motif and equipped with cow blood that can warm the wearer, the price of this pair of gloves is $110.

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