Who is not familiar with this famous brand, Ya Dior. This brand originating from France is indeed in great demand by many leather bag lovers in the world. Not only offering leather bags, but Dior also offers beauty products and other accessories.

The fashion house founded by a French fashion designer named Christian Dior was founded in 1946, in Paris.  Christian Dior is one of the most influential fashion designers in the world, during his career, he was responsible for most of the spread of French fashion design throughout the world.

He worked for the sizable fashion company owned by Lucien Lelong in 1940-1945 before turning to Marcel Boussac’s similar business.

Boussac, called The King of Cotton, owned a clothing company called Phillipe in Gaston, Boussac helped finance the establishment of The House of D/Ordi a mansion with eight employees.

Boussac initially asked Dior to design at Philippe et Gaston, but Dior refused, as he wanted to start his own brand instead of reviving the old brand. A new couture house has become part of “a vertically integrated textile business” which Boussac has operated. The capital at that time was FFr 6 million and employed 80 people. This company was something new for Boussac, because “the majority of Dior shares are held by Boussac Saint-Freres SA”. Even so, Dior got many opportunities to play an active role in this company, including being able to lead the company, get a share of non-controlling shares, and get a third of the company’s profits before tax. Though Boussac is known as someone who likes to organize. Dior’s creativity also earned him a good salary

On February 12, 1947, Christian Dior launched its first fashion collection for the spring and summer of 1947. The appearance of “90 models from his first collection with six mannequins” was held in the salon at Dior’s headquarters at 30 Avenue Montaigne.Initially, the two product lines were named “Corolle” and “Huit”

Dior created the New Look collection where he made women’s clothing such as jackets that silhouetted the user’s hips, skirts that exceeded the knee, shoulder straps, and round collared clothing. She does not hesitate to design clothes that ‘can stand on their own without objection’ because they are made of thick fabric, tulle, and are wide in shape.

The New Look became very popular, and its long skirt silhouette influenced other fashion designers well into the 1950s. Dior also got a number of well-known clients from Hollywood, the United States, and Europe. As a result, Paris, which had fallen from its position as the post-World War II fashion capital, was able to reclaim that position. The New Look was accepted in Western Europe as a remedy for wartime austerity and the de-feminization of uniforms, so it was worn by a number of stylish women, such as Princess Margaret of Great Britain.

The appearance of this different fashion style is a strong reason why Dior’s design deserves the New Look label. But that long journey had to end when a vacation in Montecatini, Italy.

Dior’s clothing, which is considered revolutionary, has received praise from fashion journalists in Paris. In a short time, Dior designs became a trend among Parisian women. Plagiarism took place. But it did not make a significant impact on Dior.

His name soared, even beyond Paris. In a script published in April 2012, Vogue reported that Dior had been summoned by the British royal family because Princess Margaret liked the design. On the American continent, Dior’s loyal fan is Evita Peron. “Evita Peron is the only queen I’ve ever dressed,” Dior said as quoted by CR Fashion Book.

The former first lady of Argentina often attends state events in a wide gown studded with glittering beads. Dior dressed her like a queen. In less than five years, Dior was able to expand to the US and become a socialite idol in the country.

Christan Dior can only lead Dior for 10 years. On October 24, 1957, exactly 62 years ago today, he died of a heart attack. The fashion house business continues.

The first person to replace Dior as a fashion designer was Yves Saint Laurent. At that time he became the youngest creative director in the history of European couture fashion. Since then, whether intentional or not, Dior seems to be a fashion label that always chooses creative directors with certain characters that attract attention. Another example is John Galiano.

The man became Dior’s creative director in 1997, a time when Dior felt the couture realm needed to reach younger consumers. In the hands of Galiano, Dior does not only appear as a fashion label that presents wide dresses with an elegant impression. Galiano made Dior bolder by presenting mini and tight clothes. Dior was impressed as a label that is also provocative. However, the public still loved it and the company continued to make a profit.

Then in 2016, Maria Grazia Chiuri was appointed as the first woman to become the creative director of Dior. She brings new principles and transforms femininity into feminism that is channeled into fashion. Chiuri was present when the Me Too movement was spreading in the US and Europe. She, who often claims to be a feminist, took advantage of this moment and brought it into the realm of fashion. Chiuri’s first collection was filled with several T-shirts that read “the future is female”, “we all should be feminist”, and “sisterhood global”. The shirts were used by celebrities such as Bella Hadid and Rihanna. This action made Chiuri even more hailed in the fashion realm. So far, the fashion designers who act as activists can be counted on the fingers, including Vivienne Westwood and Katharine Hamnett.

Maria Grazia Chiuri is a female designer with high creativity but still maintains Dior’s own specialties. Having an identity as a fashion creator who prioritizes a feminist impression but remains strong, has made Dior successful and much in demand by many top groups.

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