Hearing from the name already shuddered, yes, but this animal produces skin that is very exotic and expensive. Crocodile skin is produced to be able to become various leather craft items such as wallets, bags, hats, belts, shoes, and many more. Indonesia itself has carried out quite a lot of export activities for crocodile skin, around 15,228 pieces in 2002, and the destination countries are Singapore, Japan, Korea, Italy and also other countries. Four-fifths of it is from Irian-aged skin, and about 90% of it is produced from captive crocodiles.

Material from crocodile skin for bags is known for its relatively expensive price. This is because the process of making the material is quite long. Not only that, this bag made of leather also requires special care so that it can last a long time. However, some types of bags made of leather will look very elegant for those who wear them.

Crocodile skin material is famous for its very expensive price. This is because the raw material for crocodile skin is very limited. This material is processed through certain processing methods to produce a bag that looks exotic. In addition, crocodile skin has a texture that is quite thick and strong.

This crocodile skin product has its own uniqueness with cow or snake skin though. Crocodile skin texture appears embossed which makes it seem dashing, luxurious and exotic. What’s more, each product produced will have a different texture.

To distinguish genuine crocodile skin products from fakes is quite easy for cloud people. Real crocodile skin looks tough but the skin texture is smooth. Moreover, crocodile skin products are divided into two parts. First from the belly and back of the crocodile. The back of the crocodile with a hard skin texture and has a unique surface characteristic of roughness. 

Products made from skin on the body are more likely to be too rough and bumpy. Meanwhile, if the product is made of leather on the back it will be rougher, harder and the pattern will be naturally symmetrical.

Unlike cow, goat or snake skin products which are calculated in meters, crocodile skin products will be measured in inches. Crocodile skin can also only be produced when the minimum is 13 inches. All products made from crocodile skin will be taken from crocodiles that are 4 years old and have also obtained permission from captivity.

Crocodile skin to be processed will go through a fairly long process. Just like other animal cults, crocodile skins will also undergo tanning and enter the quality check stage. And the whole process will take approximately one week. In addition to the texture of crocodile skin that looks dashing and looks fierce. The color of crocodile skin that seems dark will also add to the glamorous and expensive impression of real crocodile skin, because it is also supported by special paints for coloring.

Crocodile skin is now increasingly rare to find, and is also one of the animals that is difficult to license. In addition, crocodile skin or handicrafts from crocodile skin is known to be expensive. Still no need to worry about that, Bagbone Leather also has a solution. For lovers of products made from animal skin, especially crocodile skin, but still want an affordable price, Bagbone can make it happen with a motif printing technique. Yes, of course, with the existing cowhide, Bagbone can conjure up motifs such as crocodile skin, which is often called a ”croco” print. If Bagbonatics is curious, you can contact the admin at the number listed.

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