As one of the materials that seems luxurious and classy, ​​making leather is always interesting to be used as a unique material or basic material in the fashion world. Leather has also become one of the most stunning materials, especially in the era of ”fashion show who you are’‘, leather is a stunning choice.

Understanding Leather Materials

In the world of fashion and animal products, leather is defined as a material that is flexible and durable because it goes through a tanning process. History also records that the discovery of animal skins as a basic material is the oldest and most useful discovery in human life today.

To be able to get the best quality is also through a long process, which is called leather tanning. This process goes through at least 3 important stages, namely wet work (beamhouse), tanning (tanning) and the final process which is also called finishing.

This process will also produce many types of leather finishing that are ready to be used as basic materials or materials for processing from processing into quality products.

Types of Leather Materials

For many users may also have to be able to distinguish the types of leather used, in order to also be able to adjust to the needs or the desired collection.

1. Calfskin

This type is obtained from veal skin which usually has a thin character. This leather is usually not stiff even when it is new, and is usually used to make small cowhide sling bags or shoes.

2. Suede Skin

Is a material taken from the bottom of the skin where there are still fine hairs and the texture is soft and looks like velvet. This material can be taken from goats, cows, or sheep.

3. Shell Cordovan

Derived from the horse’s buttocks which has the characteristics of being hard, dense and also has a glossy impression in the end result.

4. Grain Leather

This type of leather has almost the same characteristics as genuine leather, even this grain leather is grouped into 3 more types, namely full grain leather, which maintains the characteristics of natural leather during life, both in terms of texture and pattern. Furthermore, there are top grains which go through the sanding process even more so that the patterns formed will disappear and appear smooth like imitation leather. And the last one is corrected grain which is made with additional embossing inside.

5. Patent Leather

Leather that is coated with dyes and polishes.

Utilization of Leather Materials

1. Leather Jackets Leather

jackets have long been a mainstay and popular for many people as warmers, but because the material is quite unique, leather jackets have been adapted into fashion values ​​that have more value.

2. Leather

Skirts Leather skirts are becoming one of the fashion trends that are also mushrooming, especially for women. Leather skirts are a stylish choice, especially when combined with the right mix and match.

3. Leather

Wallets Wallets are often mandatory in human activities. Moreover, in this era, many types of wallets have developed. However, it’s no wonder that leather-based wallets are still a popular choice, because of their timeless design and also of course durable.

4. Leather Belts

Apart from being its main function as a fastener for pants, skirts or other clothing materials, this leather belt also has a decorative function such as providing a neat accent in every appearance. Leather belts are also the most sought after accessories nowadays, because for some users wearing this leather belt gives more value in appearance and it is not imaginable that more and more fans of retro, vintage, or casual style fashion.

5. Leather Watches

In this watch, the strap is the accessory in the leather craft. This product is also a target because both men and women can use it and it looks elegant, because the combination of metal and leather makes it suitable for all outfits.

6. Leather Bags

There are also many models in this type of product, such as leather sling bags, leather laptop bags, or backpacks which are all made of leather

7. Leather

Shoes Comfortable leather shoes will be a statement of appearance that seems fast and luxurious in every appearance, by Therefore, there are many models and types of animal skins for the basic ingredients.

So what fashion products are often used? 

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