Many of the skin product users are still asking how to care for and maintain their skin products so that they are durable and last a long time.

But it turns out that there are products that are closely related to the leather products you own, this is Leather Care.

Leather Care is a leather care product such as shoes, leather laptop bags, wallets, jackets and other products made of leather. You can use this product to treat products from genuine or synthetic animal skins.

 Uses of Leather Care:

  1. Comprehensive care for leather products Leather

shoes, leather bags, jackets, wallets and leather sofas need care to keep them in good condition and not easily damaged. Biopolish plays a role in providing protection and care for all types of leather crafts.

One of the main problems with synthetic leather is flexibility. This problem is often found in new synthetic or genuine leather crafts. This happens both in jackets, shoes, bags or leather wallets.

Not only that, sometimes due to age and sun exposure also causes leather crafts to become stiff and hard. Leather care is able to flex, soften and maintain the condition of the texture of the leather craft so that it is comfortable to wear.

One of the important functions of leather care is to prevent the surface of your leather craft collection from breaking and peeling easily. This is very important to maintain the condition of the leather craft to remain durable and not easily damaged.

exposure Sun exposure causes many negative effects on leather crafts. To protect it, lotion and moisturizer are needed that contain antioxidants. Bagbone Leather care has antioxidants from natural ingredients.

Apply leather care regularly so that leather crafts such as bags, shoes, jackets and others are protected from sun exposure.

. An important function of leather care is to sharpen the color of the leather craft. if you have leather crafts such as bags, shoes, and leather jackets that are already dull, apply Bagbone leather care to restore the color to its original bright color.

The advantages of Leather Care that you need to know

  1. Natural

Made from beeswax (beeswax), linseed oil (linseed oil), pine oil (pine oil), and other vegetable oils

leather care does not smell like other polishes or polishes made from chemical material. This makes leather care more comfortable to use during the application process

Leather care is colorless, so it can be used for all types of colors, jackets, bags, shoes and other fashion products made of leather

Usage biopolish leather care will not change the appearance of the actual leather product. So that the surface of leather products that were originally matte will remain matte, as well as if the original product is gloss

Formulated with materials that are able to absorb into leather fibers, vinyl, rubber and other synthetic polymer materials so that they do not make the skin surface slippery after applying leather care

Natural Anti-oxidants contained in leather care are able to seep into the substrate of the leather material so that it can strengthen the sharpness of the original color of the leather. In addition, the content of vitamin E also strengthens the beauty and aesthetics of the leather products you have.

repellent is commonly used by bees to protect larvae and honey from water splashes. When used as a component of Leather Care, beeswax will also provide similar protection to your favorite leather bag or shoes.

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