Leather crafts are indeed very famous, not only in Indonesia. With the image of leather product that seem luxurious, it makes most leather fans from Indonesia who often buy them from abroad.

But you know, in Indonesia there are also areas for leather product craftsmen that are not inferior to those made from abroad. Some areas in Indonesia also have areas that are indeed leather craft tourist destinations.

The quality provided is also not inferior to foreign products. In fact, not a few also carry out export activities for foreign countries. With quality that can be a strong competitiveness coupled with affordable prices compared to foreign products, we should be proud to use domestic products.

The following are regions in Indonesia that are producing areas and can also be tourist destinations, especially for lovers of animal skin products.

1.       Magetan

Magetan may have become one of the oldest leather craft industry areas in Indonesia. At first, the leather craft in this area is said to have been going on since 1830, precisely when the Diponegoro War ended. We also need to know that the Magetan leather industry reached its peak in the 1950-1960s.

Currently there are around 115 units of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) that work on and produce leather products, which are located on Jalan Sawo, Magetan. The majority of leather craft work in Magetan is located in the Leather Industry Environment (LIK) in Magetan City and Ngariboyo. You can also find a variety of leather-based products, such as shoes. With good quality and friendly prices, buying local products can also support the economy in the area.

2.      Garut

It is no longer a mere figment, Garut can be said to be the area with the most famous producer of leather products in Indonesia. Many jackets, shoes, and leather bags are produced from Garut. Precisely in the Sukanggang area, it is the most famous leather craft-producing area in Garut. The leather industry in Sukanggang has been around since the 70s.

With the best quality and competitive prices, the leather products produced are then marketed from Sukanggang to become the favorite and choice of consumers who really like leather products. Most of the leather craftsmen in this area use genuine leather, such as sheep, cow, and buffalo skin, whose use is adjusted for the product to be made.

Leather products from Sukanggang have also penetrated foreign markets. It should be noted that some of the countries where Sukanggang’s products are marketed include Korea, Hong Kong and Japan. And surprisingly, this area has also been a supplier of leather products for well-known brands such as Crocodille to Hush Puppies.

3.       Sidoarjo

Sidoarjo, which is precisely in the Tanggulangin area, which is the center of leather crafts. Around 100 local craftsmen in Tanggulangin are able to make hundreds to thousands of leather products in a short period of time, which is one month. Tanggulangin genuine leather products are not only in demand by local people, but also by leather lovers in Southeast Asia, such as Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam.

And even more proud of it, the process of making leather products in Tanggulangin still uses traditional techniques. The products produced and marketed in Tanggulangin also vary, ranging from sandals, wallets, to leather suitcases. Leather product lovers can certainly get leather products with good quality and durability at Tanggulangin ranging from tens of thousands to tens of millions, depending on taste and needs.

4.       Yogyakarta

      Yogyakarta may be famous for its batik tourism, however, Yogya is also famous for products made from leather. Manding Tourism Village is one of the destinations that must be visited if you want to buy leather products with quality that has also been proven even to export.

Located in Bantul Regency, you can find a variety of leather crafts such as wallets, bags, shoes to jackets. Starting in the 1940s, Mading leather craft was popular in the 1970s to 1980s. Now there are around 42 production houses and 48 leather craft sales showrooms in Manding. However, now there are also many craftsmen and manufacturers of leather bags scattered in several other areas in Yogyakarta.

      Most of the leather production process in Jogja is done by hand, aka handmade, so that leather lovers can also make custom models for their leather products. No need to worry about the price, the price of leather products in Yogyakarta is very suitable for the quality. actually leather products in Yogyakarta are still in a competitive price range. You can get good quality leather products for tens of thousands to millions, depending on the model and complexity of the production process.

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