As many of us have encountered, the raw material for making fashion is animal skin. Animal skin that can be used in making jackets is thick leather. Basically almost all thick-skinned animals can be used as raw materials for crafts.

But generally cows and goats are animals used for fashion products, especially jackets. However, there are also several other types of animals whose skins can also be used to make fashion, especially in the manufacture of leather jackets.

Here are the types of leather that we can use as the basic material for making leather jackets.

1.      Cowhide (Cowhide)

One of the most commonly used animal skins as raw material for jacket production is cow. One of the reasons is because cows have a large body size so they can produce skin with a wide size. In addition, cows can also be easily found because there are many who make them as livestock.

That’s why it’s not hard to find cowhide. There are many craftsmen who can provide cowhide in large quantities so the price also tends to be affordable. The characteristics of cowhide are also better when compared to other types. This reason also makes jackets from cowhide material have better resistance to dust and weather. 

Because of this durability, many jackets made of cowhide are designed for outdoor activities. Cow leather jacket users will avoid extreme weather because leather jacket users will remain comfortable. However, when using it for the first time, the user has to get used to it a bit because the jacket tends to be stiff and will flex over time.

2.       Sheepskin (SheepSkin)

The next type of animal that is most popularly used as a jacket material, is sheepskin. Sheepskin is often referred to as the finest of the finest or crème de la crème. The reason for giving this nickname, is due to the characteristics of the soft and light sheepskin.

Therefore, a leather jacket made from sheepskin will feel comfortable when used because it is flexible. In addition, the jacket with sheepskin looks elegant and durable. So it’s not surprising that many jacket craftsmen use sheepskin materials. In addition, sheepskin is also very easy to find. 

Another advantage that sheepskin jackets have over other types of leather is that they are easy to maintain. Even when compared to cowhide, sheepskin jackets are easier to maintain and clean. The use of sheepskin jackets is also very flexible. You can use it in both hot and cold weather.

3.       Bison Leather

Jacket production from bison leather is very rare, especially in Indonesia. This is because these animals are not found in Indonesia, so they must be imported. This makes the price of bison skin to be expensive. But in a place where bison grows, it’s easy to find products made of bison skin. 

Bison skin is well known in the world because it has almost the same characteristics as cowhide. Even said to be better than cowhide. If you look more closely, you will be able to see the typical pattern of skin fibers that look natural. In addition, the absorption of bison skin against dust and weather is also very good. Most jacket products that use bison leather are biker jackets, because bison leather is also thicker and harder so it’s more durable. 

4.       (Deerskin)

In addition to the type of bison skin, there is also a type of deer skin that is rarely found in Indonesia, but has often been used by many world fashion products. In contrast to cowhide and bison skin, deer skin has a more flexible and thinner texture. In addition, deer skin is also softer. This is what makes fans of deerskin products mostly women.

Because of this uniqueness and characteristic, deer skin raw material is not only widely used for jackets, but also for gloves and bags. The deerskin jacket is also very resistant to weather and dust, although it is not too thick. Jackets made from deerskin are also more comfortable to wear since they were first purchased. This is because deerskin jackets are more flexible and will become more flexible with use.

5.       Crocodile / Alligator Skins

Animals with jagged backs can be skinned and used as raw materials for fashion products. Both saltwater and freshwater crocodiles can be used for their skins to make fashion products. However, there is a difference between the two, the saltwater crocodile skin motif is more prominent than the freshwater crocodile. In addition, the size of the saltwater crocodile skin is also longer.

The skin on the alligator or crocodile also has a distinctive and unique pattern so it is very popular with fashion lovers. If you look closely at the surface of the skin, you will see a checkered pattern. In addition, in each box you will see a small dot or what is called a follicle. However, the price of a jacket made of crocodile skin is very expensive. In fact, the price is many times more expensive than the price of a cowhide or sheepskin jacket.

This price difference causes the processing of crocodile skin which is also not easy. However, many fashion fans like crocodile skin. This is because of the luxurious and dashing impression it gives. In addition, each jacket made of crocodile skin must have a different final result, even though it is made by the same craftsman. This is due to the various and different motifs or textures on crocodile skin in each crocodile.

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