Gloves are one of the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) that are useful for protecting hands from potential hazards when carrying out certain activities. These potential hazards can be in the form of heat, chemicals, sharp object scratches, germ infection, electric current, or also machine vibration.

The various functions of the gloves are in accordance with the type of gloves used. Because it is impossible for one glove to be used for various purposes / activities carried out. Here are some types of gloves that are commonly used with different materials.

                        But this time we will discuss about gloves made of leather.  As the name implies, leather gloves are a type of gloves (gloves) made of leather (leather). Leather has unique properties and characteristics that make it useful for various purposes. Leather gloves too, in English ”english” also known as leather glove which means a type of leather (leather) that is light and soft.

            At the sale, many customers ask about the leather material used, It is very natural when they ask like that. the article, leather gloves available in the market is very diverse. These variants arise due to price, skin type, finishing process, color, abrasion resistance, flexibility (suppleness) and other performance factors.

Let’s take a peek at some animal skin materials used in making leather gloves, which are obtained from

1.       Sheepskin (Sheepskin)

Sheepskin is considered one of the best leather gloves, especially goatskin from countries such as Ethiopia, Nigeria and South Africa. The main characteristic of sheepskin is its very fine and soft/flexible grain combined with light weight and strong tensile/stretching strength

. need comfort.

2.       (Deerskin)

softness of deer skin is very good and also has a more qualified durability, because deer skin will remain smooth even when exposed to wet. These characteristics make deer skin safe when used as a ”safety” glove.

3.       Cowhide (Cowhide)

Gloves made of cowhide provide a good combination for quality and

the price is more affordable than sheep and deer leather, but still good in stretchability / attractiveness, softness / smoothness, and also durability.

Because the price is more competitive when compared to sheep and deer skin, gloves with cowhide are more common. Gloves made of cowhide are also widely used by connoisseurs of sports or outdoor activities, such as motorsports riders because their thickness ranges from 0.8-0.9 mm or 0.9-1.0 mm.

4.       (Goatskin)

Goatskin gloves are one of the most widely used leather gloves. The advantage of this material is that the price is affordable but has leather characteristics that are more similar to sheep and deer skin, because it has the closest durability.

This glove with goatskin material does look a little rougher than cowhide, and the grain layer is thinner than cowhide, the thickness is between 0.7-0.8mm and 0.8-0.9mm. 

5.       Imitation leather

Faux leather is cheaper than genuine leather. However, its characteristics in protecting workers are not as good as genuine leather.

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