There are optional variation to get leather bag in some stores like handmade leather bag Indonesia, leather bag online Indonesia and genuine leather bag Indonesia. Both women and men love to use leather-based accessories. The variants of leather product are getting bigger each day. The accessories include bag, wallet, jacket, apron and belt. A new product or new design comes to replace the old leather product. It is becoming a circle of trend. Leather product has the duplicate version. This unoriginal leather product claims to be the solution for people who are unable to buy the original leather. Well, this condition costs you with possibility to buy fake leather bag if you are unaware to identify the difference within these two. 

Fake leather bag can be found easily in the market. However, only a few people know about it. How about you? Can you tell the difference between the original leather bag and the fake one? If you do not know clearly to differentiate leather bag, you should this article till the end. In this article, we would provide you knowledge about handmade leather bag Indonesia, Leather bag online Indonesia and genuine leather bag Indonesia. Let’s start the discussion below:

  1. Handmade Leather bag Indonesia 

Leather is good material. It is the hide of an animal like a cow, pig, crocodile and goats. Normally, leather bag maker use the hide of cow. When the process of creating a bag is using traditional or manual tool, it is called handmade bag. The process of handmade bag includes cutting, sewing and finishing. Handmade leather bag Indonesia has proven to be adorable bag. It comes with several of design, size and functionality.  The quality of this bag is unquestionable. People are using this bag for comfort, trendy and elegance. Handmade leather bag Indonesia is perfect to give your friends as a gift. 

Buying a leather bag through online store is giving a lot of easy for busy people. Leather bag Online Indonesia is offering online purchasing service with delivery. There are many stores in the internet. Some are the officials brand while the others are untrusted. You should choose the store with good rating and reviews from their customers. Some stores are also available in some e-commerce platform. If you cannot believe any online store you see, it is always better to come to the store directly. You can check the leather bag with your hand. There will be less worry on buying original leather bag offline than online. 

Genuine leather bag Indonesia is among the best leather bag in the market. The hide of cow is used for making the bag. This material is used to make attractive bag. There are various types of leather. Each type has uniqueness and color shade. It is not too difficult to spot the difference between genuine leather bag and fake leather bag. The genuine leather bag has more durability and strong stitch. Meanwhile the fake leather bag is the opposite. You can check it in genuine leather bag Indonesia local crafters for the original one. 

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