Leatherwork is a term that can be used to create something that even lasts for years. To make this leatherwork can be done manually or using tools. The tools used are quite diverse in making leather crafts.

The tools used can be obtained easily and many use simple tools so that they can make their own at home.

To make or do leatherwork independently you need the following tools

1.     Ruler

The main element that needs to be prepared is the ruler because this tool must be used to create the desired result with the best shape. You must measure the skin to the desired size. Maybe the size can be increased so that later when entering the sewing process it can be more fitting in size.

For leather, especially handmade in wallet and bag products, the ruler is quite important for making patterns and cutting as desired. Ruler with stainless steel material that is quite sturdy with a length of up to 60 to 100 cm is recommended.

2.     Cutter and Cutter Mat

This cutter or isau cutter should not be left behind because it is very useful for cutting the results of your leather products as described in the previous pattern.

Cutting mats or cutting mats can help and make the job easier. Not only that, because this cutting mat can also make the durability of the knife or stitching hole punch more durable and long lasting. 

With these cutting mats made of special materials and available in various sizes, it will be easier for you to decide which size to cut or mark. Then you can choose a cutting mat that is A3 to A1 in size so that it is wide enough when cutting the pattern and the results will be maximized.

3.     Leather

Leather is one of the most important things for making crafts. Be sure to choose quality leather from animals. These animals are like cows, goats, snakes, sheep, crocodiles, and many more.

4.     Yarn

Yarn is also available in various types. Choose the correct type. Use synthetic yarn over natural yarn or natural yarn only. 

It was also chosen because synthetic threads will not decompose over time like vein or cotton threads, so they can use both types of thread because the quality is also not inferior. Ensure that the pet time of your goods will be longer.

5.     Scissors

The thing to be prepared is scissors that do have good quality. Certainly not like scissors in general because this type of scissors must be specifically designed for leather.

Because it will make quality cuts. If you use good scissors then the results will also be good and will make it easier for you to get the cut you want.

Make sure that the scissors have a good sharpness so that they can smoothly cut through the skin. Because seeing how thick the skin is, it requires a good quality cutter.

6.     Chisel / Punch Tool

Unlike textiles, it is not possible to sew leather accurately without making a stitch hole first. Therefore, to do this, you need an additional tool in the form of a chisel to provide holes for easy sewing. 

For this tool has a variety of sizes and widths of different branches. Usually how to use it is placed on the skin then placed on the skin and hit with a hammer to be able to make a hole.

Then, you can just sew it with thread so that it will become the desired leather craft

7.     Hammer

Hammer hammer is one of the tools that must be used in basic leather production. By hitting on the skin like the previous point.

These hammers are of course also custom made and will usually be made of plastic and ensure that the blow will not scratch the rest of the skin so the leather will not be damaged or its quality is maintained.

8.     Leather Sewing Needles

To sew your leather goods, a suitable needle must be used. The needles used for leather craft are usually special. Made from sewing needles that have a matte color but the quality is unquestionable. 

The eye of the needle should be large enough for the thick wax thread used to sew your leather products so that it will produce a quality product.

9.     Skiver

This skiver has a fairly varied appearance like an open knife so that the process for thinning it is easy to do. However, each variant of this tool will only use a knife to level the surface of the skin. This skiver can be used to make folds on the skin.

10.  Groover

tool is used to make straight holes into which stitch holes can be used for sewing. 

Also, making such a seam hole means that the seam won’t stick to the leather instead reducing overall friction and increasing the durability of the leather product.

11.  Edge Burnisher

This tool is used to burn the edges of your leather products. Rubbing and burning the edges of the leather will create friction that connects the fibers of the edges as a whole. In addition, it can produce a layer that will be more durable so that there will be no cracking.

12.  Glue

The type of glue that is suitable for this craft is fox glue. It is certain because several brands of glue have been tested before, because not all types of glue are suitable for making leather crafts.

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